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Your hair type and condition should inform your product choices. Porosity, density, texture and lifestyle are just some of the considerations that will influence what type of products will be best suited to you. Learn more below or visit our blog for more tips, tricks and insights! 

Hair Type

Hair type is the method by which hair is classified by straight or curly patterns, hair strand thickness, and overall hair volume. While some may have one overall hair type, it is possible to have multiple or a combination of hair types.

Hair Texture

Hair texture is defined by the circumference or diameter of a hair strand. Hair texture is also characterized as fine, medium or thick/coarse.

Hair Condition

Hair condition refers to the state of their. Hair can be categorized as being oily, normal, dry/brittle, or color treated.

Scalp Condition

Defined as the state of your scalp and skin on a regular basis. People may experience varying scalp conditions at different times in their hair care regimen or a combination of them. Being knowledgeable about the current condition of your scalp will allow you to choose the best products for consistently healthy hair.

Hair Styles

While hairstyles are not a typical way of classifying hair, your style choices can impact the overall health of your hair. Finding products suitable to your preferred choice of hairstyle will also ensure you protect your style investment for longer.

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